Meet some of Lauren’s clients! Read about the great results they have had from 80/20 Wellness and how it has changed their lives.

As our bootcamp instructor, Lauren is very engaging. She provides a good variety of exercises, enthusiasm, and support to a variety of different levels and personalities. From an administrative aspect, she is always punctual and communicates effectively in a timely manner.  Lauren has also worked with the Council providing a seminar on “How to Manage Stress”. Feedback from employees was overwhelmingly positive crediting her passion for nutrition and complementing her lecture style as “nice, open, friendly, a useful discussion.” –Julia Eldridge, Human Resources Coordinator, the Council on Foreign Relations

Lauren is very knowledgeable in her skill and understanding of others’ health situation. She is very personable and presents a comfortable setting where employees are willing to discuss their situations and challenges.  We have used Lauren for corporate lectures, nutrition awareness and health coaching for employees who have tested high in their cholesterol, glucose, or blood pressure testing. I would recommend Lauren as she carries herself professionally and has been a great asset to my organization. – Maria Leamy, VP-Sales, OpenHouse Direct, Inc.

Lauren’s bootcamp at AOL has become an essential part of my weekly exercise schedule.  It’s a serious workout, and every class focuses on cardio and strength building.  It was a “wake-up call” to my exercise regime, and no two workouts sessions have been the same. She is supportive and wants to see her students achieve their fitness goals.  She recommended small changes I should make in my diet in order to improve my energy during classes and I started seeing results after the first few weeks. Overall, her class is a positive atmosphere with an excellent instructor and great music.   – Bridget Parkinson, Account Director, AOL/Huffington Post

Before Lauren, I went through several yo-yo and fad diets that were just temporary fixes and that never truly worked, but Lauren helped me create a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise that has been easy for me to maintain. Lauren motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get the best results. I now have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have vastly improved and I’ve got impressive new muscles that were never there before. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, enjoyable! I feel like a new person because of Lauren Gould!” –Dianne Bain, Sayreville, New Jersey

“I have never liked to exercise. Actually, that’s a lie…I have always HATED to exercise. I hated the feeling of working so hard and never seeing results. The few times I went to a trainer, I felt embarrassed and judged by my lack of experience, strength, and physical fitness. I am a food writer by profession, and I felt like I had to subsist on nuts and dried apricots or I was a slovenly heathen in the trainer’s eyes!  Lauren changed all that for me. She went my pace and pushed me without bullying me. Most of all, she never judged me. If I had a bad eating day or a training setback, she was there with me, as my supporter, my coach, and my friend. She isn’t just knowledgeable, she is a gifted teacher. Her passion and patience make her the ideal trainer for anyone who wants to make healthy living part of a balanced lifestyle.  And if you can do 10 burpees in a row, she will treat you to a glass of wine!” –Sarah Spigelman, New York, New York

“I have never consistently worked out and I have joined NY Sports Club on THREE different occasions in the past 4 years. In short, working out has never been my strong suit. However, that drastically changed the summer of 2011 when I started working out with Lauren Gould’s summer boot camp. I became addicted to her services! I worked out with her 3 days/week for 45 minute sessions and she sure worked my booty! Within 3 months I saw the results that I had been longing for my entire life. Lauren Gould is 100% responsible for changing my attitude about working out. She kept me motivated to keep going and feeling great about myself too. Lauren helped to cultivate and nurture my relationship with working out.  she made it simple and painless (besides the burpees and squats :) ) I’d hire this girl to make me look like Heidi Klum at my wedding!” –Kate Crawford, New York, New York