Corporate Wellness

Did you know that chronic diseases cost US employers $1.3 trillion a year in lost productivity and treatment costs? Costs can be as much as 40% higher in one year for someone who is overweight because of the numerous issues associated with obesity, including diabetes, back problems, asthma, hypertension, depression, and heart disease? Between 8% and 20% of health care costs is due to the persistent rise in obesity and several of these conditions can be avoided by preventing or reducing obesity.


2 minute warm-up helps loosen musclesbefore an extended workout.

On the other hand, increasing evidence shows that a healthy work force can have a direct and positive impact on your bottom line. Americans spend more hours at work than anywhere else, and our employees generally do not practice healthy behaviors. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of changing this scenario?

Today, more and more companies are implementing wellness strategies in order to improve employee health, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, reduce health care costs and increase morale and loyalty. Maintaining a healthy work / life balance is becoming more and more important to the work force. A good Corporate Wellness Program can help your employees establish this balance.

80/20 Wellness can help you create a Wellness Program that will help your teams eat better, exercise more, feel better and be more productive – and easy to implement!

We offer clients a series of workshops designed to help employees live their healthiest and happiest lives.

An investment in your people is an investment in your bottom line.