Living 80/20

We are all very busy bees. We love to run, we love to eat and we definitely know what it’s like to crave pizza at 3am. This is why 80/20 Wellness understands the value of working out and of treating ourselves on occasion. We have to be human, don’t we?

By working hard and eating well on most days (80% of the time), you get to really enjoying the times you’re craving that burger and milkshake (the other 20%). Think of it this way…

80% of the time…

  • Eat clean, eat real. You are what you eat, so keep it as real and wholesome as possible. Understand that every bite affects every aspect of your life from your mood, concentration, energy level and most importantly, how we will look and feel.
  • Eat in season. Get out of the supermarkets and into the farmers markets! Shop locally and choose organic fruits and vegetables that are in season. Higher quality choices will lead to a higher quality of life!
  • Exercise regularly. It’s a tried-and-true way to boost energy and mood! Run, swim, cycle, dance, become a yogi—find your healthy escape.
  • Get those zzz’s. Diet, exercise AND sleep are essential pillars of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Make time for your relationships. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family, and make sure to laugh…a lot!
  • Focus and work towards your dreams and aspirations. BELIEVE in yourself, you can be whoever you want to be.

20% of the time…
Go on…indulge. Whether it is the new shoes you’ve been wanting or a great meal with friends (wine and dessert too of course), go for it! Do not deprive yourself of anything, enjoy as you wish since you’ll be right back to your 80%! You will find a balance that will allow you to live happily and healthily for the rest of your life.

The Dirty D word
Diets don’t work. Period. Anything that denies, restricts or forces us into unhealthy relationships of control with our food should simply disappear from our lives.

We encourage our clients to embrace, love and listen to their bodies. Your body is the most amazing thing you’ll ever have. It will always tell you what it needs. We will help you learn to listen.