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Dreams and dedication make a powerful team.  The dream of starting my own fitness and nutriton business began long ago and today, that dream has become a reality! Welcome to 80/20 Wellness and thanks for stopping by!  I know health and fitness is not easy, but with my support, I’m confident you will realize that a healthy lifestyle is not as hard or boring as you might think. Check in often for articles and tips on how to live your best life!

80/20 Wellness Boot Camps featured on CBS New York

CBS New York contributor, Sarah Shaker, really loves her boot-camps. Check out her recent article which lists us as one of her favorite go to workouts! Join us every week for a variety of different strength, cardio, and flexibility sessions that are be sure to keep you in tip top shape. Check out the home page for schedule information.
8020wellness on featured on CBS New York

Running with a Purpose

8020 Wellness Running with Purpose
I never used to run, I used to despise it to be honest. And then I gave it a chance and eventually fell in love. I am not saying you have to love or even like running, but at one time or another I am sure you have all desired to run that 1 mile without having to stop. If I am wrong, read no further. For those of you that are sick of being intimidated by the hills in Central Park or the treadmills at your gym, join me once a week to learn how to improve your strides.

The training plan we will follow is designed to get you to the point where you can run 30 minutes at a slow, relaxed pace. Research has shown that just 30 minutes (roughly 2 miles) a few days a week is enough to help you maintain many health markers: weight, cholesterol, insulin response, and blood pressure just to name a few.  This is a progressive program where we will begin walking more than running, and gradually you will turn that walk into a run. Let’s get started!